Psalm 89:1-5, 27-29 and Mark 4:30-32

Prepare to be carried swiftly and solidly on the wings of grace.  All your hopes and dreams will be firmly settled in the mighty name of Jesus.  Doubts will become solid rocks of faith. You will be fully formed; you will be fixed in God, you will not be shaky and weak, and you will be deeply rooted and grounded in success. The word and the wisdom of God will be implanted in your life, great habits will be developed this year, and this will lead to permanence and enduring success. Your work will last forever; your home will last forever and you will never have a better yesterday. Your story will grow steadily sweeter and better. God will install His manifest presence in your life. The miracle-working power of God will be consistently evident in your life. You will be built up, you will be stabilized, and you will be settled in the mighty name of Jesus.

It is a year of peace; the type of peace that allows for depth and growth. It is a year of deep foundations; foundations that will carry skyscrapers. It is a year of thousands of new people coming into the ministry. As long as you are interested in growth God will use you this year. Many people will get on the journey to perfection, as they are trusted with assignments in the house of God. God will use all of us this year, it is a year to jump in and serve God.

There will be increase in wisdom; depth of understanding, and CHURCH work will gain speed. There will be fruit from unexpected sources. Our Professionals will experience untold promotions. Our business people will make millions in all the currencies of the world in the mighty name of Jesus. There is a particular anointing upon us for business and entrepreneurship this year.

This year the ministry will have more than enough for every project. This year our homes are covered by the blood of the Lamb for protection, our homes are solid, our children make massive progress and the hand of the LORD will rest upon them. This year our students are the head and not the tail. This year, those who were called barren will dance with their children; for the Bible says in Isaiah 66:9 “Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord; shall I cause to bring forth and shut the womb? Saith thy God.   Those that were called single will celebrate weddings, and there will be unexpected miracles. This year we tap into the character of heaven. Just like the faithfulness of God endures all generations, we will be forever established in success. Just as God promised to bless and keep David’s throne forever we are established and kept in Jesus name.

Prayer/Affirmation: Just as God keeps His covenant with David from generation to generation, we will become established institutions in the precious name of Jesus.

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