Jeremiah 29:11, Galatians 3:13-14.

The great man of God, T. L. Osborn, said that even if the preacher has no faith, he should go ahead and preach the word of God and the promises of blessings to the people.  God loves the people so much that He will bypass the preacher and convert the words that were preached into faith and miracles for the people.

It reminds me of an old man in the United Kingdom who was told that he would not get paid before Christmas and that he would get paid during the first week of January because the payroll staff would be gone on the Christmas holiday. He got on the phone and in a very prophetic voice declared, “If you don’t pay me I will bite somebody.” After he repeated this threat about three times, the delicate ladies in the payroll department quickly broke all the rules and paid him quickly. The man said, “You think I came to see the Queen in London? Or to count the red buses or bridges”? When someone says that God has left us or God is angry, they are saying that Jesus died on the cross for nothing.  Jesus died on the cross so that God will be happy with us.  Jesus died on the cross so that God will be with us.

We are not cursed; Jesus died so we will be blessed. We are blessed

Galations 3:13

Our future has no problems with it; it is well with us. Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 4:18

If somebody says, “You will all not go to heaven”, they may even say they had a dream or saw a vision.  Ask them how many pizzas they ate the night before because, in John 14:1-3, Jesus said, firstly, that we should not be worried; so in obedience to Him, I am not worried about making heaven. Secondly, in verse two, Jesus said that there is no space problem in heaven and finally, Jesus said He wants us to hang out together. Jesus said He wants me to be in the same place with Him; so I will go to hell if Jesus is in hell, and I will go to heaven if Jesus is in heaven. Does Prince Charles ever have to pray for acceptance in Buckingham Palace? It is his home; his mother lives there. Heaven is your home; you don’t worry about getting home, do you? You don’t say halleluiah; I passed the entrance examination to enter my home, do you? Heaven is your Father’s house – John 1:12.

Brothers and sisters, the Bible is not powerful under our pillows or in a glass showcase in the living room or as an icon on your phone. The Bible is powerful when read and believed and when we let nothing else that anyone says deter us from its truths. God loves us and wants us.  He paid to close the gap between Him and us. This is the basis of positive prophecies.  Positive prophecies are the love letters and text messages and voicemails downloaded by God’s servants from heaven to earth. If God is a good Father, they will be good messages, if God is a bad Father, they will be bad messages. The last time I checked God is a good God. This is the basis of positive prophecies.

Prayer/Affirmation: Lord, help us to know and understand You as our Father and know that Your unconditional love never, ever fails. Help us to use prophesy as a tool of comfort, encouragement and building up and not for confusion, destruction, and abasement.

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