1st Corinthians 14:3 and John 14

In this series, I am trying to explain why prophesies from the pulpits of our churches, in our home cells and in our Christian movies should be positive and uplifting.  1 Corinthians 14:3 says that the purpose of prophecy is for building up, for encouragement and for comfort.  I have sought to show that God’s attitude towards His church and children is also positive in this dispensation. We are in the season of grace, love and forgiveness. Heaven wants to bless the earth. So, prophesies from heaven should bless and lift and build and encourage. PROPHESIES FROM HEAVEN SHOULD EXPLODE YOUR FAITH AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRUST GOD MORE.

Jesus encouraged Peter to walk on water; Jesus encouraged the parents to bring their children to Him; Jesus visited Zacchaeus, who was a notorious tax collector, and he was a dupe. Jesus was positive and helpful. The attitude of heaven now is “I want to help you, I want to build you up”; so, if someone prophesies doom and gloom, maybe their prophecy is not from heaven.

Someone may say, “Thus says the Lord, “I have left you, my children, I am no more with you”. That is not right; a strong leader needs to explain to people that the middle name of Jesus is Emmanuel meaning “God with us”. (Matthew 1:23)

The book of Hebrews also says that Jesus says He will never leave us nor forsake us – (Hebrews 13:5)

Also, when Jesus was preparing His disciples for His departure in the book of John from the 14th to the 17th chapters, He made repeated references to the fact that We would not leave the disciples without help and that He would pray to the Father and He will send another Comforter the Holy Spirit.

“I will not leave you confortless: I will come to you”

John 14:18

He said the Holy Spirit would guide, teach, remind, bear witness, empower, show the truth and do so many other things.  Jesus made sure that His staff was well supported; the Human Resource Department of Heaven is very strong. Imagine what would happen if you worked for a multinational company and the Human Resources department just comes and says to all the workers in one meeting: “We have left you because you are bad workers”. It probably has never happened, and most likely will never happen, yet in some churches or prayer meetings you will hear some overzealous brother or sister shout out in soprano, “My children, my children I am no longer with you” I have left you because I am angry with you. ” So, if someone says to you that God has left you, say to them, I love you and respect you, but God has not left me because even one of the names of Jesus is “Emmanuel” which means “God with us” and we just celebrated Christmas, where we revised everything about Jesus.  One of the reasons why Jesus died was to become ‘Emmanuel’ to us, one that never goes away.

Prayer/Affirmation: Lord, help us to know that You are love, grace and favour; You have chosen to love us unconditionally and will not change. Thank You for Your abiding presence.

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