Isaiah 58:8, Acts 9:9-21

Isaiah 58:8 talks about “light breaking forth as the morning”

This blessing is simply about clarity of God’s will and purpose. It knows the perfect will of God and a clear understanding of God’s mind.  Apostle Paul had one of the clearest and the greatest download of purpose and assignment in the Bible. He had just gone through a very life-altering experience on the way to Damascus, his evil plans were forcefully stopped and he was left empty, seemingly without purpose.  He had no choice but to humble himself through prayer and fasting for 3 days until Ananias came to pray for him and the great download of purpose took place. 

Fast to know God’s purpose and plan, to confirm new things and for a clearer appreciation of God’s word.  Fast, so that the Holy Spirit will expose to you new vistas of revelation that you are not open to yet. Three days of fasting changed Paul totally; it will change you too.

Isaiah 58:8 says your health shall spring forth.

The story of Daniel in the first chapter of the book that bears his name Daniel 1:8 talks about how Daniel refused to eat some rich foods and only stuck with vegetables. The Bible tells us that he came forth healthier looking and was also able to maintain his God-given grace for academic wisdom. He was found 10 times better. As we fast, health issues will be corrected.  God will step into health problems turning them into testimonies of joy in the name of Jesus.  The sick will be healed, cancers will go, tumours will disappear and incurable cases will go, in the mighty name of Jesus. There will be peace and harmony in our bodies, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Luke 4 teaches us that Jesus launched His ministry with a fast. We should launch our ministries, our cells, our businesses, careers homes and relationships with a fast. Fast for the supernatural to be the norm in all your activities. Pray for divine endorsement in all you do. Lunch with God.

Prayer/Affirmation: Answers await you in the mighty name of Jesus and your miracle is the next one in line in Jesus precious name.

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