Matthew 17:14 -21 and Mark 9:29

The disciples of Jesus were sorely disappointed not just because they were openly disgraced but more because they could not offer a real solution to a demonic and healing problem. It was sadder than humiliating; however to their surprise their Master gave a few commands and the same boy was totally set free by the power of God.

When they asked Jesus why, He explained to them, “The other demons and cases you succeeded at were okay with your prayer meetings and My delegated authority. This case however requires a higher anointing that can only come through prayer and fasting”. Jesus was basically saying, “The demon did not leave because My name is Jesus (many people are called Jesus in Latin American countries, and those people don’t cast out demons). The demon did not leave because I am the Son of God, instead the demons left because I have prayed and fasted”. The disciples never forgot this lesson because in Acts 1:14, it says ‘they continued in prayer’ and in Acts 13:1-2, they ministered to the Lord and fasted. In Acts 6:4 they insisted that they did not want to be disturbed at all by administrative issues, they wanted to maintain a certain concentration on prayer and the word of God.

Mighty manifestations of the Holy Spirit will take place when we commit to fasting and prayer. As you play your part and commit to fast this January and February, I pray that you will experience the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of power. He will empower you in the name of Jesus. He will give motion to every stagnant situation and you will move forward forcefully.  Your life will be flooded with stories of God’s kindness. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you this year; you will not take any regrettable step in the mighty name of Jesus. You will soar like eagles, for you will go where God has gone for you in the precious name of Jesus. Impossibilities will become dancing tunes of joy.  Issues that were thought to be hopeless will become stories that make the sceptics come to know God. So shall it be in the mighty name of Jesus.

This year we have opened up our churches as testimony factories.

Prayer/Affirmation: We will see prayers answered, sorrowful situations turned to joy and experience miracles in a very direct way in the mighty name of Jesus.

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